The Liquidus App
Frequently asked questions about the Liquidus app.

The Liquidus app has the goal of making the DeFi space accessible to a mainstream audience. You'll be able to connect your wallet and Liquidus' smart automation tool will scan the market and rank the best LP's for your held assets. Seamless, cross-chain, one interface investing frees the hassle of manual transactions and makes crypto-staking a walk in the park.
Read our Litepaper for more information.

The Liquidus app will be deployed as a web-app to work on any browser, as well as a native iOS and Android app.

Yes, you can use your existing wallet or create a new wallet within our app.

We are currently working hard to release the Liquidus app as soon as possible. However, as complex development takes time, the best you can do is to follow our announcement channel on Telegram or Twitter to be among the first to know about it.
If you'd like to become part of an exclusive group of individuals who'll be able to beta test the application before the general public, you can find the details below:
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