👨‍🌾LIQ Yield Farming

On the Liquidus Yield Farm, users can stake their LIQ tokens or provide liquidity to earn more LIQ.

Our goal is to incentivize long-term token holders with a passive income stream while building our main product. After the app launch, the LIQ token will obtain its full utility, such as Liquidus boost, lower transaction fees, and much more.

Start farming your LIQ tokens now at farm.liquidus.finance.

Single Token Farms

LIQ token holders can stake LIQ tokens in our single token farms. There are different staking contracts with different lock durations. Usually, the longer you lock your LIQ tokens, the higher the APR is. Rewards are paid out in LIQ tokens.

Liquidity Pool Farms

Similar to the single LIQ token farms, users can provide liquidity and stake their liquidity provider (LP) tokens to earn rewards in LIQ. Most liquidity pool farms also come with a lock duration, while some allow flexible deposits and withdrawals.

Vesting / Lock Duration

Most LIQ farms come with a vesting period which locks your deposit for a certain time. The vesting period ranges from 1 month to 12 months, depending on the farm contract.

Depositing tokens into a farm contract with a vesting period cannot be undone. As the contracts are deployed decentrally, the team also cannot withdraw tokens that have been wrongly deposited by users. Please exercise caution.

The vesting period gets restarted every time the user makes a deposit into the contract for the full deposit. If a user has deposited an amount 2 months ago and now deposits again, the vesting period will reset for the full deposit.

Harvesting or withdrawing tokens partly doesn't reset the vesting time.

Smart Contracts & Audits

The Liquidus Farm smart contracts have been developed carefully and afterward tested intensively.

All farm contracts have been audited by the renowned security company Hacken.io.

DeFi Trackers

The Liquidus Farm is listed on the following Dapp trackers:

DappRadar: https://dappradar.com/multichain/defi/liquidus-finance-staking

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