🌉LIQ Token Bridge

Follow the steps provided here to use the cross-chain bridge

The cross-chain bridge of the LIQ token is powered by Multichain. You can use their front end or the Liquidus Farm page to move LIQ tokens from one chain to another.

Bridge LIQ between different chains

Open the Liquidus Farm and click the button "Bridge" to open the interface.

Select the blockchain to receive the tokens on.

Enter the number of LIQ you want to transfer to the other chain and pay attention to the fees.

Once you are happy, click the button "Transfer LIQ" and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

The cross-chain transfer usually takes around 3 to 5 minutes but can also take up to 30 minutes.


If your transfer hasn't arrived after 30 minutes, visit Anyswap.net and enter your transaction hash to check the status of your transaction. Or reach out to Multichain Support.

Liquidus doesn't have control of the bridge smart contracts and is only providing a frontend to simplify the use of the bridge.

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