The Vision

The Liquidus application makes the whole DeFi space accessible to a mainstream audience, finding inspiration from the simplicity credited to centralized solutions, but allowing a much higher APY to be earned. The combined Liquidus suite of features relieves the inconvenience caused by accessing DeFi protocols and handling transactions manually, with customers maintaining control of a sole non-custodial wallet that allows for fund access at any time.


The Liquidus app is built to work as an all-in-one DeFi suite with a focus on simplicity. Adding tokens to liquidity pools (whitelisted by Liquidus) can be done with one single click. The Liquidus app will guide users through the entire process with a manageable, educational interface, drastically minimizing the opportunity for costly mistakes to be made.

Smart Automatization

APYs change on a daily basis in the DeFi space and as a result, the Liquidus AI will continuously scan the holdings of the user, suggesting allocations to alternative liquidity pools on competing platforms that offer significantly higher interest rates. Gas fees and expected stabilities of the farming APY will be considered in the calculation. If a better yield farming platform is found, users can move their funds using our automated interface.


Liquidus users won’t have to worry about the security of their funds. The Liquidus Security Check has been implemented to offer a comprehensive analysis of each DeFi application, where our experts will review the entire project, tokenomics, smart contracts, and other considered aspects. A rating from 0 - 100 will be given to each DeFi project, indicating how safe it is to deposit funds, allowing the user to worry less and earn more.


In the case of any new product or platform in the crypto space, there need to be appealing incentives to attract new users. Liquidus Boost was created to earn users additional APRs on their assets. Applying the boost feature will allow users to earn up to 200% additional APR on one of their liquidity pools, for a 24-hour period every week.