Receive tokens or find out your address

  1. To receive tokens, you need to know your personal wallet address. To find it out, navigate to the β€œWallet” page and click the β€œReceive” button located underneath your main portfolio value.

  2. Select the token you want to receive.

  3. On the β€œReceive” popup, it shows you the accepted networks. Please only send the token to your Liquidus wallet on the network where it is accepted. Otherwise, the tokens will not show up. But don’t worry they are not lost. You can still add their token address manually to get access to the tokens.

  4. The QR Code represents your address which can be scanned by other wallet applications. Alternatively you can copy your wallet address that is shown below your QR code.

  5. Note that your wallet address is always the same for all tokens and all accepted networks.

  6. Another way to quickly find out and copy your wallet address is to open the side menu (two lines button on the top left) and click on the address located under your account name. It copies it to the clipboard and you can paste it into another app.

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