Swapping tokens using the best exchange rates

  1. Liquidus enables you to swap tokens using a swap aggregator contract, meaning Liquidus will check all exchange rates on the market and pick the best ones available for you.

  2. To make a swap, go to the β€œSwap” tab, select a token in the β€œFrom” field and enter an amount. Note, that it is not possible to enter an amount in the β€œTo” field.

  3. You also have the option to turn the USD mode on by clicking on the β€œ$ sign” button on the right. If enabled you can enter an amount in USD and the app will convert it to tokens automatically.

  4. In the β€œTo” field, select a token you would like to receive (the token you want to β€œbuy”). The app tells you the number of tokens you are going to receive if you make the swap.

  5. Below it shows you a few other numbers, such as the price rate of the two tokens, minimum received, and price impact.

  6. Pay attention to the price impact to stay below 2%. A high price impact implies that there is too little liquidity to perform your trade. Consider swapping a smaller amount of tokens.

  7. Click β€œSwap” to trade the tokens, review the popup and confirm with the button β€œConfirm Swap”. You can change the gas fee if needed.

  8. After it is successful it shows you what happened, such as tokens exchanged into each other. Later on, you can review the swap on the history page.

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