Check out the Liquidus Security Rating

  1. Every farm and pool has given a rating based on objective and public criteria and weighting. It helps users to make their own decisions on where to deposit their tokens. Liquidus can’t affect the rating given to farms. It is calculated by an algorithm using external data.

  2. To view the Liquidus Security Rating, click on any pool to open its details.

  3. Click on the shield symbol in the top right corner.

  4. The Security Rating ranged from 0 to 100 points and is visualized as a bar getting filled up from the bottom to top changing its color from purple to light green. Green means a higher security rating than purple.

  5. You can view the detailed criteria by clicking on β€œLearn more”. On the next screen, it shows you the point per criteria as well as the weighting in percent. You can open the details to view the breakdown of how the points are given.

  6. On the main Security rating popup you can also click on β€œContract” to view all contracts used by the app. You can copy their address to view them on blockchain explorers.

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