💧The Liquidus LIQ Token

The Liquidus token (LIQ) has a crucial role in the entire Liquidus ecosystem. There are multiple incentives for users of the Liquidus application to buy and hold the LIQ token.

Additionally, there are several mechanisms in place to keep constant buying pressure on the LIQ token.

The LIQ token is natively deployed on BNB Smart Chain and is also present on Ethereum, Polygon, and Cronos via the Multichain bridge protocol. The LIQ token is fully audited by CertiK. Read more on the LIQ token contract below.


Initial Total Supply: 100,000,000 LIQ

LIQ Token Burns

In the past, there have been several LIQ token burns.

The Burn percentage is based on the inital token supply of 100 million LIQ.

The team has decided to fully burn all 16% of team token allocations. Read the full details here:

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