Track the value of your crypto portfolio

  1. Liquidus tracks the USD value of your entire crypto and DeFi portfolio. It tracks the value of the tokens in your wallet, liquidity pools, yield farming, single token farms, and accrued yield.

  2. You can view a brief portfolio breakdown by clicking on the big total balance on top of the wallet or holdings page.

  3. To view your farms and pools in more detail, navigate to the β€œHoldings” page. Here you can see each β€œYield Farming” position as well as all liquidity pools and single token deposits.

  4. It shows you the token pair, the farm where they are deposited, the worth of the position in USD, and the current interest rate in APY (assumes daily compounding of rewards). Click on any pool to view its details and to top up more tokens or withdraw from the pool.

  5. You can also sort and filter your holdings. Click on the settings icon on the top right of the farm list. Here you can filter per farm platform or sort by A-Z, APY, and User Deposit (shows farms with the highest worth first).

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