💰How To Start Farming

Follow the steps provided here to start farming

This tutorial applies to the Liquidus Farm Page, hosted at farm.liquidus.finance, and not to the Liquidus App.

Step 1 - Connect your wallet

Connect your wallet using the following providers:

  • Metamask

  • Trustwallet

  • WalletConnect (allows to connect hundreds of wallets)

Step 2 - Expand the box of the farm you want to enter

The page shows you some information about the farm contract:

  • The vesting period (how long your deposit will be locked).

  • The Average Percentage Yield (APY) and Average Percentage Rate (APR) where APY assumes daily compounding of the rewards.

  • The total Liquidity in USD of all deposits.

  • The total LIQ tokens (single token farm) or LIQ and BNB tokens deposited (liquidity pool farm).

Step 3 - Approve tokens

After you've expanded the box and reviewed the details, click the button "Approve" and confirm the transaction in your wallet. This will allow the farm contract to access the token in your wallet to deposit it to the farm in the next step.

The contract will automatically approve an infinite amount of tokens, so you don't have to approve again if you deposit a second time. If you wish to limit the amount of approval, you can set a custom amount in your wallet application.

Step 4 - Deposit tokens

To deposit tokens, click the "+" button and then enter the amount in the popup or click the "Max" button. Click the "Confirm" button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

If you want to deposit liquidity pool tokens, you must add liquidity first on the underlying decentralized exchange (DEX). On the popup to deposit or inside the expanded box, there is a link to add liquidity directly. For example, "Get LIQ-BNB LP". Follow the steps on the DEX and add liquidity. Afterward, you can deposit the new LP tokens to the Liquidus Farm.

Successfully Farming

After the deposit transaction was successful, you are all set and can enjoy receiving LIQ farming rewards.

You are now seeing the number of tokens deposited under "LIQ STAKED"

In the box "LIQ EARNED" you will see the number of rewards earned going up every few seconds. You are now earning passive income. Sit back and relax.

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