Import an existing wallet with Liquidus

  1. If you already have a wallet created with apps like MetaMask or Trustwallet you can import it into the Liquidus wallet. Please note, that it must be a 12-word seed phrase. Seed phrases with 24 or 25 words are currently not supported. However, you can still import a private key.

  2. You can only use one main wallet at a time. If you have already created a wallet with Liquidus, you cannot import another wallet with a seed phrase. You can still import individual private keys. Or you can consider removing the Liquidus app and making a reinstall to be able to import another seed phrase. Make sure to write down your Liquidus wallet seed phrase first.

  3. To import a wallet with a seed phrase, skip the onboarding tips and click the button β€œI already have a wallet”.

  4. Enter your seed phrase in the right order and click β€œImport”. Make sure to use spaces only (no commas or points) to separate words and don’t add spaces at the beginning or end of the seed phrase.

  5. Agree to the legal documents and set up a pin code to finish importing the wallet.

  6. You can add multiple accounts based on your seed phrase from the side menu.

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