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App Description

The Liquidus app is a secure crypto wallet where you can start earning interest instantly while you keep full control over your keys. We never touch your funds along the way. Your keys, your crypto.
Liquidus provides an overview of the best rewarding and most secure decentralized finance platforms (DeFi). Select an earning option and top up your crypto with our one-click technology.
Liquidus is easy and secure.


By interacting with the native protocols on the blockchain, Liquidus enables you to earn the highest interest rates directly from the source. Get an overview of the best yield farming rates for liquidity pools and single token staking.
Liquidus provides you with an easy-to-use interface to manage your earning positions with one click. Access multiple platforms without leaving the app or having to connect your wallet.


The Liquidus wallet protects your funds with advanced industry-standard encryption to ensure only you have access to your cryptocurrencies.
Always be in control of your money: After starting to earn the best interest rates, you are still the only one who has control. Liquidus never touches your funds as our wallet is non-custodial.


Earn up to 100% APY (average percentage yield). Our service constantly monitors the entire DeFi market to ensure you can earn the highest APYs possible. We’ll also notify you if your active position can earn higher rates elsewhere. Lean back and watch your portfolio grow.


Invest with ease: Every platform we offer in our app needs to meet specific security requirements. Our smart contract experts verify every platform that gets added to ensure maximum safety for our users.
Our Liquidus Security Rating gives each platform a score from 50 to 100 points. Liquidus keeps you safe and secure!


Earning more interest by accessing smart contract protocols can be a time-consuming task - not with Liquidus. We make yield farming hassle-free and secure.
Liquidus enables you to enter any earning position with one click. Provide liquidity one-click, swap one-click, enter single token stakings one-click... you get it :)
Select multiple tokens to be used and swapped to form a liquidity pool and deposit them to the farm with one click. Liquidus makes every transaction simple and fun.


The Liquidus app gives you an in-depth overview of your crypto portfolio. It breaks down your asset value into several categories: wallet, liquidity pools, yield farming positions, single token staking, and pending rewards.


Liquidus is the first wallet to scan your transactions for the relevant information you are actually looking for. Clearly, see the time you swapped how many tokens to another token at what prices, and how much you gained or lost in that swap.
Export your transaction history and have everything ready for your reporting.


Liquidus is an Ethereum-based wallet and currently supports: Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, and Cronos. Other custom networks can be added as well by the user.
Currently supported protocols: UniSwap, PancakeSwap, SushiSwap, BiSwap, VVS Finance, MM Finance, and Liquidus Finance.