🥇Premium Tiers

With Liquidus Premium, users can lower their tier transaction fees or completely remove them, depending on their premium tier.

Premium users can use Liquidus Boost to profit from an additional +200% APR (boost depends on the premium tier) on one pool of their choice for one day, once a week.

Premium users can also enjoy a reduced rate to enter the Liquidus Insurance Fund or pay fewer fees on profits if they use the Liquidus DeIndex Fund.

To determine the premium tier, all LIQ tokens deposited and locked in the Liquidus farm by the user are taken into account. These include tokens staked as single tokens in the Liquidus app/farm, as well as all LIQ tokens that are paired with another token in a liquidity pool, also using partner DEXes, count towards the premium tiers if Liquidus was used to create those liquidity pools.

Please note that the Liquidus Premium Tiers can be changed in the future in reaction to changing market conditions.

How to access the Premium Tiers inside the app

  1. You can see your LIQ holdings and premium tier in the side menu, as well as your progress in percentage to reach the next higher tier.

  2. To see more details, click on the helmet icon or tier name “for example Silver”.

  3. On top of the page, it shows you your holdings of this address. Please note, that LIQ holdings that count towards your premium tier must be held on the same account. Below your holdings, you can see your current tier and the amount of LIQ required for each tier.

  4. Below “Your Premium Benefits” you can review the details about each tier, such as “Tokens Staked”, “Liquidus Boost”, and “The Tier Fee”. You can scroll right or left to view the details per tier.

  5. At the bottom, it shows you “Your LIQ Holdings Breakdown” broken down in holdings in farms and in your wallet. Please note, that LIQ holdings in your wallet don’t count toward your premium tier. They must be staked and vested in a farm pool.

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