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One-click liquidity pool access

Coins can be added to liquidity pools with a single click of a button, so users can start earning high yields on their assets right away.

Liquidus offers its users an audited one-click top-up and withdrawal contract that automates providing liquidity and depositing LP tokens to a farm contract. Instead of the need to perform multiple transactions, all is done via one click for the user.

A small percentage fee is charged for this service based on the transaction volume. However, 50% of all fees collected are used to buy back and burn LIQ tokens, directly involving LIQ token holders and early investors in the success of the app.

One place for all your liquidity pools and farms

With Liquidus, users will have access to PancakeSwap, BiSwap, UniSwap, SushiSwap, VVS Finance, and MM Finance in the first release version. More protocols will be added soon like Aave, Venus, Curve, Balancer, Alpaca Finance, etc.

Using the app, users will be able to conveniently manage their coins, portfolio growth, liquidity pool distribution, and overall balance all in one place; essentially integrating the entire DeFi ecosystem into a one-stop shop application.

Simple interface and swap integrated

With the advanced integrated swap functionality that aggregates liquidity of multiple DeFi protocols, you can be confident to always receive the best exchange rates. This is particularly beneficial for users who are new to the DeFi space, enabling them to purchase tokens not yet available on larger exchanges (Binance, Coinbase, etc.) through the user-friendly Liquidus interface.

Compared to swapping tokens directly on a DEX like Pancakeswap, the Liquidus swap interface will make use of the liquidity of multiple DeFi protocols, thus providing better rates for the user. Our tests have shown that depending on the tokens this new contract can save the user from 0.1% to 0.5%, which can be up to $50 for a swap of $10,000.

Liquidus Yield Intelligence

Feature coming soon

As APYs change on a daily basis, Liquidus Yield Intelligence will continuously scan the entire DeFi market, searching different blockchains for the best possible rates of coins held and liquidity pools entered by each user. If a farm with a significantly higher APY were to be found, the user will be notified and guided through the process of allocating the coin to the new farm.

At a later stage of development, it will even be possible to fully automate these transactions, so Liquidus users can enjoy the best rates possible without requiring extensive time commitments to research and reallocation of resources. Liquidus Yield Intelligence will not only advise on liquidity pools with better APYs, but it will also calculate if an elevated return would be rewarded if the user were to create a new liquidity pair with different coins. The expected impermanent loss is also taken into consideration.

Secure and audited wallet and smart contracts

At Liquidus, we treat the security of our users with extreme importance. Whilst using Liquidus to automate transactions, we are accessing smart contracts built by Liquidus or existing DeFi protocols. For the development of our Liquidus smart contracts, we are only integrating fully audited smart contracts of third-party protocols. Likewise, we are auditing the additional code added to make things easier for our users from at least two reputational audit firms. This process will ensure maximum safety when interacting with Liquidus smart contracts.

We are also conducting audits for the front end of the Liquidus wallet application and making use of state-of-the-art wallet encryption technologies.

Liquidus Security Rating

Liquidus will allocate a rating of 0 - 100 to each liquidity pool and farm on the platform. A certain number of points is required in order for Liquidus to consider the dApp secure, helping users to decide on where they farm their coins, providing particular benefit to those less knowledgeable in the DeFi space.

Currently, the minimum score a project must hit is 40 points to be whitelisted, but this figure is flexible to change according to market conditions. The main function of the rating is to show a user how safe it is to deposit their coins on the appropriate DEX or DeFi protocol in terms of not losing the tokens. The rating doesn't reflect a potential loss of value of the tokens deposited or experiencing an impermanent loss of the liquidity pool.

Liquidus Boost

Feature coming soon

With Liquidus Boost, users can receive a higher APR on any of their liquidity pools/ farms. The APR ranges from an additional 25% up to an additional 200%, depending on the user’s premium tier. All users have to do is to farm and lock LIQ tokens in one of the staking pools on the official Liquidus farm or farm them in a liquidity pool to start earning additional interest with Liquidus Boost. For safety and anti-bot reasons, the LIQ tokens must be deposited in a farming contract that locks the withdrawal for at least 1 month. This is necessary to prevent bots from making profits from the Liquidus boost but not holding LIQ for longer periods. Please note that farming and locking LIQ pays out additional LIQ rewards for the user.

The boost can be applied once a week on one liquidity pool of the user's choice. The boost APR lasts for 24 hours. If the user only has one liquidity pool or the value of the boosted liquidity pool exceeds 10% of the whole portfolio worth, the booster is limited to 10% of the user's portfolio worth.

Liquidus Boost can be applied to any single token farm or liquidity pool. This will include stablecoins, which usually have a lower APR and can still be boosted by an additional 200% APR (for the Titan premium tier only). The boosted interest rate will be paid out in LIQ tokens from the Liquidity Mining reserves.

Liquidus Insurance Fund

Feature coming soonish

To provide even further safety, besides the Liquidus Security Rating, we will be offering a decentralized smart contract-based Liquidus Insurance Fund. If the processing Dapp encounters a security breach, or any issues relating to the smart contract that has led to a loss in user funds, the Liquidus Insurance Fund will compensate for the full amount.

To submit a case, a governance vote can be opened by the community. Users affected by the exploit can then add their claim to the proposal and after the claiming period closes, the total insurance amount of the case will be determined. Native tokens of Liquidus (LIQ) can be used by holders to vote on the result of the case, whether it be to compensate the claim or reject it. There is a slight catch, however. Only users of the Liquidus Insurance Fund will have the ability to vote.

The amount of the insurance premium depends on the risk of the DeFi protocol that is used to deposit the coins. It ranges from 0.99% to 3.99% per 3 months and is to be paid in advance for the full 3 months.

The Liquidus Security Rating will be used to determine the risk level of each project and the resulting insurance premium that is attached. A perfect security rating of 100 points would set the insurance premium to 0.99%, whilst the worst possible rating of 50 points would set the premium to 3.99%.

Liquidus DeIndex Funds

Feature coming soonish

Users with a smaller investment volume cannot always use DeFi applications to their fullest potential as a result of gas fees eating into their profits. This is where Liquidus DeIndex Funds comes into play. "DeIndex Fund" hereby stands for "Decentralised Index Fund", meaning the fund is based on a fully decentralized smart-contract mechanism and not actively managed by Liquidus.

The Liquidus DeIndex Funds will be managed by a predefined and audited smart contract that follows clear rules and principles. Liquidus or its employees will never have control of those funds at any time. Where possible, tokens that are part of the specific fund will be used in farming pools to generate passive incomes for our users in form of reward tokens earned for providing liquidity. It will work in a similar way to an index fund, where smaller holders will contribute to a larger pool. Participating in DeIndex Funds comes with two main benefits: Allows users to earn passive income on their held assets. The gas fees for each transaction will be divided by the number of users who have committed to the fund, reducing the cost to each individual. As all of the coins in the fund are actively farmed, the value of each user’s holding will increase day by day, passively. Possible fund investments include, but are not limited to:

  • Top 5 coins (BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, USDC)

  • Top 10 DeFi coins

  • Top 25 coins

  • Top 100 coins

  • High yield coins

  • Stablecoin farms

What security measures are put in place to ensure the safety of user funds?

All DeFi projects that will be used to deposit coins as part of the Liquidus DeIndex Fund must have a security rating of at least 70 points. The smart contract will have whitelisted those farms having a security rating of more than 70 points and will only deposit and withdraw user funds to these farms. To maximize user revenue, the Liquidus DeIndex Fund contracts are connected to Liquidus Yield Intelligence to dynamically move funds to a better farm after it was detected.

In addition, users can opt for insurance that will cover loss of funds in the case of an exploit, just like they have the option to protect the liquidity pools they enter themselves with insurance. In exchange for the services provided by the Liquidus DeIndex Fund, a small fee on profits will be taken, ranging from 1% - 5% depending on the user’s premium tier. This fee will be used to buy back and burn LIQ tokens, serving as a mechanism to increase the buying pressure of the native token. In addition, 0.5% will be charged as a performance fee for all users.

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