Send Tokens

  1. Make sure you are on the “Wallet” page. From there click the “Send” button located underneath your main portfolio value.

  2. Select the token you want to send. Use the Search field or scroll through the list of your tokens. Only tokens with a balance will show up.

  3. In the “Token” input field, enter the number of tokens you want to transfer.

  4. In the “To” field, enter the recipient address by pasting it (long press on the field to open the “paste” functionality. You can also use the scanner to scan a QR code and paste the address automatically.

  5. Optionally: If you wish you can save the address in your contact book. Click the label “Add this address to your contacts”. Give the address a name and click “Add to address book”. The address is now stored under the given name. Below the name, you can validate the beginning and end of the address.

  6. Always double-check the address you are sending tokens to as transferring tokens is permanent and can’t be reverted.

  7. If all looks good, click the “Continue” button.

  8. On the confirmation popup, make sure all looks good and click “Send Tokens”. It also tells you the estimated gas fee which you can adjust by clicking on the USD amount. The app sets gas fees as efficiently as possible. If you want to have transactions extra fast, you can increase them.

  9. After it is done, it shows you “Send Tokens Successfully”. Sending tokens is done.

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