Liquidus Finance

Your Funds. Your Returns.

Stake, Farm, and Swap your digital assets from your phone. Liquidus is a simplistic mobile app that allows you to earn interest on your decentralized digital assets with as little as one click. All the opportunities - in one single place.

Our wallet is non-custodial so your funds are only owned - and - controlled by you. Our security rating and one-click environment make sure you are always safe.

"Using Liquidus is like venturing to a new fascinating planet, without any risk."

Liquidus is simple, safe, and built for everyone.

The future is decentralized and digital. So are your assets. Liquidus is the secure central place to invest and control all kinds of digital assets, earning you interest while you sleep. From your phone, with one click, you can enter the most lucrative protocols while staying 100% secure. Your assets stay your assets, every step along the way. Liquidus is built as a non-custodial application. Even when exploring the world of DeFi, Liquidus eliminates the risk of DeFi using our Security Rating functionality.

β€œAt Liquidus we are building the future of democratized digital asset management, a future for everybody to take part in. All focused around one simple app, non-custodial accounts and the best returns on your assets.” – a spokesperson of Liquidus.

If it’s your stock, a utility token, a contract, a membership or a piece of art everything shift’s to digital. Join us on the journey to a digital and open market.


Liquidus Finance is a web3 project helping people to interact with the blockchain easily and know their funds are in a safe place. We are focusing on building innovative products to use decentralized finance (DeFi).

Our mission is to provide users with a wallet to keep their crypto coins and tokens in a safe place. On top of that, we are building easy-to-use applications to allow users to deposit tokens into DeFi protocols directly on-chain to earn the best interest rates possible.

Liquidus never touches your funds along the way. Your keys, your crypto.

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