Top Up a Farm or Pool

  1. You can top up new farms and pools which you can find on the β€œFarming” page or top up to existing ones on the β€œHoldings” page.

  2. Click on the farm to open the details and click the β€œTop Up” button.

  3. You can enter an amount in USD that will be converted into the token you would like to use automatically.

  4. Select a funding token. You can select any token as liquidus will convert it automatically in a 50/50 ratio to form the pool afterward.

  5. Under the β€œReceive” section the app shows you the token amounts you will receive as well as the estimated yield.

  6. After you are happy with the settings, click the β€œTop Up” button.

  7. It will open a confirmation popup where you can review what will happen again and check the estimated gas fee. You can also change the gas fees but in most cases, the most time and cost-efficient option is set automatically.

  8. Click the β€œTop Up Farm” button to send the transaction. Liquidus will make all swaps for you using the best exchange rates on the market. Then build the liquidity pool and deposit it to the Farm contract so you can earn passive interest.

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