The Liquidus Token
Frequently asked questions about the Liquidus token LIQ.

What is the token supply?

93,000,000. 7,000,000 has been burned.

Can more tokens be minted?

No, there is no mint function in the token contract.

Is there a burning mechanism in place?

Yes, 50% of all transaction fees paid by users of the Liquidus app and all fees of the Liquidus Managed Fund will be used to buyback and burn LIQ tokens.

Is LIQ an inflationary or deflationary token?

It is deflationary as most of the fees collected will be used to buyback and burn LIQ tokens.

Are the team and advisor tokens locked?

Yes, all team, advisor, marketing and development fund tokens are vested for a full year and then gradually unvested over the course of 3 years.

Which tokens are not vested?

Presale and private sale tokens had a limited vesting period, but LIQ + NFT farming was introduced to stabilise volatility and incentivise holding. The majority of presale investors have now taken profits.

Will there be more farming pools?

Farming is central to Liquidus' use case and as a result, we plan on launching more farming pools that enable users to earn LIQ tokens by providing liquidity. Our community will be notified of any future launches, including farms on our partner DEXes.

What benefit do I have by holding LIQ tokens?

There are a number of benefits that come with holding LIQ tokens. Firstly, you can participate in governance polls to vote on crucial changes and improvements of the Liquidus protocol. Furthermore, the premium tier (standard, silver, gold, or titan) will be determined depending on how many LIQ tokens you are holding. Premium tiers offer lower fees, additional APRs with Liquidus Boost, and much more.

Why did Liquidus choose to launch on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) over other blockchains i.e. Ethereum?

With many blockchains still under-utilised, the decision fell between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. For launch, we believed BSC remained the blockchain with the highest mainstream adoption and this proved to be the right decision. With Ethereum 2.0 still in the making and gas fees still incredibly high, barriers to entry very much existed for smaller investors. We wanted to create a welcomed environment for all and build a bridge that would allow further flexibility in the future.
We will continue to expand Liquidus' cross chain capabilities to support all major blockchains such as polygon, matic and more.

Do you provide cross chain support?

We launched our cross chain bridge on Wednesday 19th January 2022, allowing investors to transfer LIQ between BSC, Ethereum, Matic and Cronos chains.

Is the token audited? If so, where can I find the report?

We were audited by Certik and the report can be accessed from either the front page of our website, or from Certik's website direct.

Are the farms audited?

Yes, by Hacken. The audit report can be found either on Hacken's website, or by the hyperlinked logo at the bottom of the Liquidus farm page.

Is Liquidus listed on any centralized exchanges?

Yes. We listed on Hotbit, and then Bitmart in that order.

Will the token be listed on more centralized exchanges?

This is within our roadmap yes and information on these IEO's will be announced to our community through our communication channels.

Is the liquidity locked?

Yes, the initial liquidity provided oN PancakeSwap was locked for 1 year. It was 5% of the total LIQ token supplu plus the equivalent in BNB. The initial price was ICO price.