Liquidus NFTs & Farm
Liquidus NFTs are rare pieces of artwork that can be minted and then farmed to earn LIQ rewards.

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    Liquidus NFTs are limited editions and are proof of ownership of Liquidus-branded artwork.
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    By owning a Liquidus NFT, you can stake it to the NFT farm and earn LIQ rewards at high APYs.

Unlike usual farms, where rewards are split between all participants, each Liquidus NFT farm offers fixed rewards that are guaranteed and paid out over the period of one year.
After this time, the farming rewards stop. However, you'll still own the NFT that can withdrawn from the farm and potentially sold on the secondary market.

Liquidus NFTs have special tokenomics to it so NFT purchasers benefit while also LIQ token holders and the Liqudus project benefits from the sale.
NFTs cost an amount in BUSD and LIQ.
  • LIQ tokens will be used to provide liquidity together with the same amount of BUSD.
  • The remainder of the BUSD will be used to accelerate the development of the Liquidus app.

If they are available/not sold out, Liquidus NFTs can be minted here:​
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    First, you'll need to select the NFT you want to mint.
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    A new page will open to which you must click "Mint Artwork" and follow the instructions on the popup.
Please be aware that NFT's may be found on an alternative network to that of which you are looking at. If this is the case, connect to CRO and try again. Of course if you are already on CRO, then it'll be the reverse methodology and you'll need to connect to BSC and try again.

After you have minted one of our NFT's, it can be farmed right away:
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    On the detail page of the NFT, click "Farm NFT".
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    Follow the instructions on the popup.
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    You'll have to approve it first and then deposit in the next step.
if you're still requiring assistance, please message one of the team on Liquidus and we'll assist as soon as we can.

Yes, by Hacken. The audit report can be found below:

No, you can withdraw the NFT anytime.
A Liquidus NFT marketplace will be added soon where you can send or trade NFTs will other people.
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